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Welcome to Emery, Utah

Emery Town Utah 84522

Settled in 1883 and nestled along the Muddy Creek in the High Desert of the San Rafael Swell, Emery Town is a friendly community of families and good neighbors. We share a strong pioneer heritage, a connection to the land and nature; and we enjoy easy access to lakes, canyons, state parks, and ancient indigenous sites. 


Our historical Pioneer Church is the oldest standing building in Emery County.


Citizens and Visitors alike enjoy Emery as a place to unplug from the demands of city life and reconnect with blue skies, clean air, and star-filled nights. 

Truly, the key ingredients of A Better Life.

Mayor: B. Jack Funk  *  Town Hall Hours:  M-Th 8:00am - 12:00pm  *  Tel: 435-286-2417  *

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